I have downloaded already the Sandbox voxel edit tool to bring the cats into the sandbox universe. By the middle of July I hope to have 10 randomly selected cats turned into sandbox editor voxels and get to know better the conditions of bringing my models into the game.
My ambitious plans include the creation of an avatar for every Voxel Cat (excluding Perk cats at this stage). My superambitious plans include a cat caffe with cat activities and selling cats as pets.
The collection features cats in all forms and shapes. Cool cats, horror cats, sweet cats and other sorts of cats.
Every cat is unique and is a 1/1 piece. Comes with a witty line in the description revealing facts about a particular cat.
All cats are listed for 0.075  Ξ, even the special ones.
Special cats are named Cattos and are minted in litters of 5. Cattos share the same unique theme, visually distinguishable, and scattered all over the collection. They have a "Catto” Opensea property assigned, so don't forget to check out the properties. 
I offer few perks to go with cats, so please check out the Catto perks pge.
To claim the perk, drop me a message to or DM on twitter @VoxelCat


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